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In addition to bookkeeping, payroll and QuickBooks training services, Advanced Bookkeeping Concepts also has registered tax preparers on staff. That means the same trusted company you rely on for bookkeeping services year-round can also provide expert tax services, saving you the time, hassle and added expense of working with multiple vendors.

The tax preparers at Advanced Bookkeeping are certified and registered through the IRS. So, if any problems arise or, heaven forbid, your company gets audited, they can act as your representative and work directly with the IRS to resolve any issues.

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The U.S. Tax Code is approximately 3.7 million words long with more than 2,000 different forms and publications! Do you really want to prepare your own income tax return?

Below are some examples of how Advanced Bookkeeping Concepts can help with your income tax reporting:

  • We Will Save You Hours of Time Laboring Over Forms Yourself
    • The IRS estimates that the average person spends 52.2 hours preparing a tax return with a Schedule C for a business or a Schedule E for rental property.
  • We Will Save You Money
    • If you assume that your time is worth at least $25 an hour, that means the cost to you is $1,305. Give yourself a raise! At $35 an hour, that return could cost you $1,827. We know there are other things you’d rather do with those 52.2 hours.
  • Properly Identify Credits & Deductions
    • The IRS has refunds totaling $1 billion for people who have not filed their federal income tax return and estimate it to be twice that on lost or unused credits and deductions. Our experienced, registered tax preparation professionals know just how to find those credits and deductions.
  • Provide Tax Planning Throughout the Year
    • It’s better to pay throughout the year than all at once. By reviewing your finances each quarter, you can save yourself from any big surprises in the spring. One of the top five reasons why people file for bankruptcy is because of unexpected expenses, such as a large tax bill.  It’s easy to get behind, which can then snowball into thousands of dollars in fines, penalties and interest. We’ll put together the right plan to help you comfortably manage your tax payments.
  • Help Protect Against Identity Theft
    • By e-filing your return, you can make sure you’re the only one using your SSN or tax ID number. If your return won’t e-file due to a duplicate return, Advanced Bookkeeping will help you sort through the mess and file affidavits on your behalf proving who you are. Breathe easy. We’re in your corner.
  • Review Your Tax Return BEFORE Filing
    • Tax form mistakes are 41 times more common on paper forms than through e-filing. One of the highest risks for getting audited is turning in a paper form. Error rates on paper returns are over 21% compared with just .5% for electronically prepared software returns that are e-filed. Need we say more?
  • Give You Peace of Mind
    • The registered tax preparers at Advanced Bookkeeping go through more than eighteen hours of tax training every year. Six hours are to review the current year changes, and over two hours of training focus on ethics. They also go through more than ten hours of training on subjects specifically geared toward small businesses. All of that is backed by our insured, bonded business that has an outstanding reputation and more than 18 years of experience.

If you’re in need of any of our services, please contact us via our online contact form or give us a call at 419-249-0200. We proudly serve the greater Toledo area, in addition to southeast Michigan.

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